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Photography, retouching, albums and products

We do more than capture individual moments of your marriage. From behind the lens we visually narrate the history of the most important day. Our natural intuitive ability to connect and guide the spouses. Our aesthetic taste and sensitivity will make your wedding a unique experience. The focused approach of our team helps to create a romantic, intense, joyful and playful atmosphere, sure to open the door to capture genuine emotions.

In this photographic universe curated by Andrea Viti, we are invited to discover the magic of images that speak louder than words. Through his photographic products, albums and his refined photo editing, Andrea Viti continues to leave an indelible mark in the hearts of those lucky enough to embark on this visual journey with him.

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The essential 

  • We do exclusive weddings and event photography where no work is diminished.

  • We prefer to attend the entire event from beginning to end.

  • We use the best equipment available in the market to guarantee supreme quality. Also to preserve the work, we perform two backups in 2 Hard Disks.

  • Post production and delicate retouching are two fundamental elements in our work, guaranteeing a unique final result.

  • We offer our customers the best albums, photo books and "made in Italy" prints on the market to guarantee uniqueness in our works.

  • In our staff we have a professional Videomaker who works exclusively with us, offering unique Wedding Films thanks to the use of a professional drone, we guarantee the utmost professionalism thanks to the certification of the ENAC license which ensures that our operator is a certified pilot.

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We are Wedding Directors

The priority of Andrea Viti Photographer is to provide every couple of couples the best in terms of assistance and support. All in our study are dedicated to supporting vision of your marriage. Together with you we will customize our services to meet your needs. Our goal is that every couple is able to receive beautiful images that will become unforgettable.

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Do you work alone or with a collaborator?

Our staff consists of 2 photographers and 1 videomaker in cases where Wedding Cinema is planned.

In weddings we always guarantee 2 photographers, not only for having different visions in the photos, but also for the organization itself to photograph the preparation of the spouses. For more intimate and less demanding weddings, the speech changes and we could send just one photographer to cover your wedding. In any case, you will have a person with experience in weddings.

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Do you speak English? Beyond Italian?

Of course, our staff speaks English fluently and you will never have problems with communication.

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Is there a discount for weekday weddings?

In general, there is no discount for one working day as many people get married in Italy on weekdays. Since most of my clients come from abroad they could arrive on a weekend as the villa rentals are normally from Saturday to Saturday, which means that even weddings are very common from Monday to Friday.

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Do you give RAW files?

We don't give RAW files and this is a standard policy among professional photographers. You will receive high-resolution JPEG files post produced, perfect for making large prints and enlargements, if necessary.

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Are the files watermarked or protected?

The files are not watermarked or protected in any way. They are high resolution JPEG files that can be easily printed in large format.

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Do you just weddings in Italy?

No, we are available for weddings anywhere in the world. We will consider any place and more adventurous, the better! We will also arrange the travel expenses of our staff together.

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How do you work and what can we expect from our event coverage?

We work around your event and with the utmost discretion, we will listen to you and guide you if this is necessary. The service we offer is reportage, and for the photos together we will go to the agreed location, away from the others to have some privacy. Our approach and our philosophy towards wedding photography is that in a wedding there is never enough time to photograph everything; we must prioritize things to make sure you get the photos of what you think is most important to you and don't waste time doing things that are perhaps less important on reflection. You will have full coverage of the marriage and so we will break up the day:

  • Preparation for Bride and Groom.

  • Ceremony.

  • Photos at the location agreed with Bride and Groom.

  • Cocktail and group photos.

  • Photo during dinner.

  • Final photos of the cake.

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What is your photographic style?

We believe that our photographic style can be defined as modern and luxurious in relation to reportage. We love to surprise our customers with magical and cinematographic photos that will leave their mark forever. However we will guide you and make your day perfect.

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What makes you different from other wedding photographers?

Choosing Andrea as a photographer for your wedding means relying on a professional who goes beyond simple image capture, transforming every special moment into an eternal memory. Here are some reasons why you might consider me as your ideal wedding photographer:

Distinctive Style: Andrea stands out for a unique and refined photographic style. Each shot is imbued with creativity and artistic sensitivity, capturing the essence and unique atmosphere of your special day.

Experience and Professionalism: With years of experience in the field of wedding photography, Andrea is a reliable and competent professional. His technical mastery and expert event management ensure that every significant moment is captured with perfection.

Empathy and Connection: Andrea understands the emotional importance of a wedding and is committed to creating an authentic connection with couples. This connection allows you to capture spontaneous and authentic moments that make your photo album unique.

Personalized Approach: Every wedding is unique, and Andrea  takes a personalized approach to meet each couple's specific needs. He listens carefully to your expectations and is committed to translating them into images that exceed your expectations.

Technological Innovation: Andrea  keeps up to date with the latest technologies and trends in the world of photography. He uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every photo is of the highest quality and that the visual effects are extraordinary.

Positive Reviews and Eclectic Portfolio: Positive reviews from satisfied couples and an eclectic portfolio that shows the versatility of our work are indicators of my ability to adapt to different situations and tastes.

Complete Service: Andrea offers a complete service that goes beyond simple photography. This impacts the planning of the photo session, the careful and professional post-production and the possible creation of personalized albums, thus offering a complete and worry-free experience.

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