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About Me

Andrea Viti

The artist behind the camera


Born to capture the essence of life through the lens, Andrea Viti stands out as an extraordinarily talented professional photographer, whose passion for visual art manifests itself in every shot. Growing up in the heart of Valdichiana, in the heart of Tuscany, near Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Val D'Orcia and Pienza, Andrea has cultivated since his youth a deep connection with the aesthetics and beauty that surrounded him through photography.. ​


From his first steps into the world of photography, Andrea has demonstrated extraordinary technical mastery. After completing his studies independently, he began to develop his unique style, skillfully combining artistic tradition with the new frontiers of photographic technology. ​


His professional career took off in 2017, when he started his career as a professional photographer, opening his own studio in Pozzo della Chiana, in the province of Arezzo. ​ His ability to capture the authenticity and essence of people is evident in every shot. Through an empathetic approach and his ability to put subjects at ease, he manages to reveal the unique beauty of each individual. ​


One of the distinctive aspects of Andrea's work is his continuous search for innovation. Experimenting with new techniques and styles, he strives to keep his photography fresh and relevant in an ever-changing world. His artistic sensibility allows him to adapt to the client's needs, ensuring that each project is a personalized and memorable experience. ​


In addition to his artistic activity, Andrea Viti dedicates himself to continuous professional training in photography, participating in professional workshops with the best photographers at national and international level. ​ A visual storyteller who transforms ephemeral moments into unique photographs. His dedication to excellence and his continuous search for beauty in the ordinary make him an admired figure in the world of professional photography.

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